Our second album ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is released digitally, worldwide on Nov. 4th 2016.

It will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and streaming sites, Spotify, Deezer etc

We crammed just about as much music as you can fit on a CD into our new album… Here is ‘The Butterfly Effect’ tracklist:

1. Disintegration (5:13)
2. Origin (3:28)
3. Outspoken (4:40)
4. Passenger Side (5:00)
5. All Time Low (4:43)
6. Am I Missing (8:37)
7. The Masterplan (3:32)
8. Out of Nowhere (5:21)
9. Soul Blueprint (7:56)
10. Riven (4:03)
11. Nothing Left of Me (4:45)
12. Suffering’s Free (6:44)
13. The Butterfly Effect (10:15)

Total Running Time: 74 minutes

Pre-Orders will be available from iTunes or Bandcamp soon, where you will be able to instantly download the new single ‘Origin’.




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