On November 4th 2016, our new album ‘The Butterfly Effect’ will be released digitally, worldwide.

This album has taken over a year to make, and we’re very proud of the music within it. It’s a concept album based on The Butterfly Effect, which is a theory of how small causes can determine large consequences.

A Pre-Order is available on our Bandcamp store and iTunes, where you can get an immediate download of the song ‘Origin’, which will also be released as the next single.




1. Disintegration (5:13)
2. Origin (3:28)
3. Outspoken (4:40)
4. Passenger Side (5:00)
5. All Time Low (4:43)
6. Am I Missing (8:37)
7. The Masterplan (3:32)
8. Out of Nowhere (5:21)
9. Soul Blueprint (7:56)
10. Riven (4:03)
11. Nothing Left of Me (4:45)
12. Suffering’s Free (6:44)
13. The Butterfly Effect (10:15)

Total Running Time: 74 minutes


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